In order to cover all the necessary shekel to an entrepreneur can be installed with a profitable crop and be able to create their own self-employment. From the Association of producers and marketers of Stevia of the coast of the Sol-Axarquia will be held the Project pilotAGRICULTURAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP “”VIEMAG” which mainly consist of the following.

The Association will lease a hectare of irrigated agricultural land, to cultivate the same MORINGA and STEVIA.

The Association will be held contracts with purchasing of the hectare of land production companies.

Be financed investments with a policy to a year by the amount of the investments  and wages needed to obtain the first sales of this year’s crop.

That year an ENTREPRENEUR will be under contract for the planting, maintenance and collection of the estate. You will also receive theoretical classes on the entire process of cultivation. That year will take place the efforts for the implementation of ecological farm, quality system and priority property. At the end of this year and for the new harvest in the following year, the Association transferred to the hired worker leasing rights, certifications and crop sales contract. The entrepreneur will take over lease payments continue and cancel the policy that the Association had taken previously to carry out cultivation. For the second year of the cultivation of Moringa. The entrepreneur will have the year’s seeds prior to sowing of forage between Grove. Therefore, in this year the Entrepreneur will have the income from the production of seeds, leaves and forages of the crop, with an income that will allow you to pay rent, loan, self-insurance, fertilizer, supplies and maintenance. And be guaranteed a salary to be able to live properly.

Once the whole cycle is covered and the worker becomes self-employed on the farm, the ASSOCIATION will seek another farm of 1 hectare and will return to the same procedures with other unemployed.

According to financing possibilities, it will be possible to carry out more quantities of production under the same system as VIVERO AGRÍCOLAS AGRÍCOLAS “VIEMAG” as many as contracts of purchase of harvest we guarantee the marketing companies. The crops that will be developed with the project, will be those that at all times have better profitability and guarantee of sale of the harvest. Mixed crops (Stevia and Moringa), etc. may also be carried out.

The selection of the participants in each project will be the faculty of the Association that will contract it, as well as the theoretical / practical training of the same. As a first Pilot experience, a farm has been leased, a contract has been formalized for the purchase of a crop, and an unemployed worker has been hired to cultivate it during that year, so that the second one is left with the farm and becomes autonomous.) We want to do a Pilot Project for each municipality in the Axarquía Region. We hope the collaboration of the municipalities to try to boost the agriculture of their municipalities with other viable agricultural production. We are at the disposal of those who want to collaborate.

The Organism and Public Entities that want to collaborate, we will thank you.

In any case, the projects are being carried out.